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Web design and web development are the two important elements needed to create an online presence. Web design creates a website’s visual layout and aesthetics. Besides, web development is the technical implementation of the design to make it usable.

A website needs to be well-made, both technically and aesthetically, to be effective. When customers visit a website, it should be attractive to the eye, simple to navigate, and easy to use.

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What Is Web Design ?

  • web design is a method of organizing ideas. However, users experience the mandatory parts of web design.
  • There are many different elements needed to make a website. Besides, web design improves every element users and visitors see and interact with on a website.
  • This takes place to increase the website’s usability, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. How successfully a website is constructed ultimately depends on all of these factors.
  • The goal of web design is to create attractive websites. Mainly, the designers use fonts, colors, images, and structures to make things appear beautiful and work together.
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What Is Web Development?

The process of creating, constructing, and maintaining websites is known as web development. It explores database management, web publishing, web programming, and web design. Also, it is the process of creating an online program, like a website.

The word web Development is made up of two words, namely:

  • Web: It refers to websites, web pages, or anything that works over the internet.
  • Development: It refers to building the application from scratch.

So you need to consider every website you’ve visited throughout the years. Web designers who designed those websites ensured they functioned smoothly and provided users with a wonderful experience.

Web developers accomplish this by developing code in various computer languages that they select based on the tasks they are performing and the platforms they are using.

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What is the difference between Web Design and Web Development?

Creating the front end of a website, or what users see when they visit a website that is attractive and easy to use, is known as web design. Web designers ensure that users can quickly understand how to use a site and that it is simple to read.


On the other hand, web development is all about the code that runs in the background to make a website function. A web developer ensures that something happens when a button is clicked rather than just having a button created by a web designer.


In fact, web designers and developers require various talents for their work, even though they share some skills.


Web design strongly emphasizes aesthetics, so designers must understand what makes a website appealing to users and attractive to the eye. They must be proficient in Adobe Dreamweaver, JavaScript, and scripting frameworks to create front-end programs with much functionality.


In addition, they must ensure that every element of the products they create, such as logos and color schemes, fits the company’s brand.


On the other hand, the website’s functionality is the responsibility of web engineers. To achieve this, they construct the website’s functional elements within web designers’ limits for aesthetics.


Moreover, they ensure the product arrives exactly to the web designer’s vision due to their elegant programming abilities. Web developers need to learn more about software and computer languages, including Structured Query Language (SQL), Python, Java server development, machine learning, creating APIs that let objects talk to one another, database tools and server design, and agile systems analysis.


So it is clear that though the two topics have some similarities, they are actually different.

web design and development

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